Assistive Technology (AT) Consumers

Welcome Assistive Technology (AT) Consumers and special thanks to all of you who have graciously volunteered to work with the State of Nevada to assist in making the State's websites ADA compliant. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

 On January 18, 2018, Linda DeSantis and Joseph Diarte from the State of Nevada web team met with Thomas Kearns and several Assistive Technology (AT) consumers to discuss three main topics: 

  1. How to implement a statewide web accessible complaint form
  2. AT Users (aka Screen Reader users) will be asked how we want to proceed in testing state accessible templates. This is a high priority issue for the State of Nevada web team because once we can confirm that the templates/smart form in our State of Nevada content management system (CMS) is compliant, we can begin our outreach to train and assist agencies within our CMS to make their websites ADA compliant. 
  3. How AT users can test newly implemented state accessible websites 

Below are our suggested solutions to address and satisfy these three main issues. 

    AT Consumer Testing - Complaint Forms

    The State of Nevada has created two Complaint forms; the first one is for complaints regarding Website & Digital Media Accommodations, the other complaint form is for complaints regarding Physical Accommodations. Both of these forms can be found by clicking the ADA Americans with Disabilities Act logo at the top right banner directly under the Google Custom Search or at the link below this paragraph. 

    NOTE: This ADA Americans with Disabilities Act logo can be found on every page of every website that resides in the State of Nevada Content Management System (CMS). If you are on a website that does not have this ADA logo present and you have an issue, please link to this page and enter your complaint. Please make sure you include the URL of the website so we can notify the correct owner of the website.

    Want to volunteer in this effort?

    We are very interested in getting volunteers who would like to help us in our efforts to make the State of Nevada ADA compliant. Please send an email to Linda M DeSantis if you are interested. Thank you!

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