Our Goal:

Our goal is to create a new ADA compliance website in our current Content Management System (CMS) that will pass all Section 509 WCAG 2.0 requirements and provide proven ADA techniques to meet the ADA compliance laws. 

When completed, we will use this basic ADA website and lessons learned as the basis of creating the new desigtn in our new CMS environment that we are planning to migrate to in the near future. We can also update the current Ektron environment so that all of the websites that live in that environment will be ADA Section 508 WCAG 2.0 compliant also.


    We look like to collaborate with the following:

    • Division of Information Technology (EITS)
    • Department of Administration (DOA)
    • Governor Sandoval's Office
    • Division of Human Resource Management (HR)
    • Division of Aging & Disabilities Services 
    • Library and Archives - Nevada Talking Book Services
    • Nevada Center for Excellence and Disabilities
    • Any other agencies that will benefit from this endeavor 

      Additional Information: