Accessible PDF Documents

PDF Accessibility Checkers

Where Accessibility Should Start

It is much easier and quicker to add accessibility features to a Word, Excel or PowerPoint document than it is to remediate the accessibility issues after conversion to PDF.

    Are You Creating Accessible PDF Documents

    If you are creating PDF documents by:

    • going to Print and choosing PDF
    • going to Save As and choosing PDF from the drop-down menu


      Even if you completed all accessibility features in the source (word, excel or PowerPoint) documents the information is not converted when you create the pdf.

        Two Ways to Create Accessible PDF Documents

        1st Option - If you do not have Adobe Acrobat (if you have the Free Adobe Reader)

          In Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint go the:

            File menu > choose Save & Send > choose Create PDF/XPS Document > choose Create PDF > click the Options button

              Under Include non-printing information check both Document properties and Document structure tags for accessibility

                2nd Option - If you have Adobe Acrobat

                  To create an Accessible PDF you must use the Acrobat PDF Maker tab in Word, Excel or PowerPoint as shown below.  Using this method all accessibility features completed in the source document (Word, Excel or PowerPoint) should be converted to PDF.  

                  • Acrobat tab example in word

                  Note: The links below open new windows.