Total # of PDFs per State Content Management System (CMS) Websites

PDF Summary List

The idea of these reports are to make it easier for you & your staff to clean up your web sites by getting rid of the PDFs you don’t need FIRST so you do NOT have to remediate them.

FIND and CLICK on YOUR INDIVIDUAL WEBSITE to see the # of PDFs. This report does not summarize all websites within a department, it only lists the websites independently. 

  • URL: To identify the path of the document so you can locate it within the website
  • Filename: Name of the document 
  • # of Pages: # of pages in the document that need to be remediated (in descending order so largest docs are on top)
  • # of Images: # of images in the document (this adds to complexity when remediating)
  • Fillable: # of pages in Fillable forms. (this # is part of the 288,734). They are extremely complex and need special knowledge on how to remediate them (recommend holding them to last) 
  • Bad PDFs: Forms cannot be read by the program. This document either needs to be deleted or if you need it on the website, you will need to upload another copy of this document