Lessons Learned

Summary of Issues and Recommendations based on testing: hr.nv.gov

Assumption that we are ONLY responsible for agencies that are using our CMS environment that are using our Ektron templates. Sites like NDOW, NVCourts, and Insurance are ot included as well as other sites that users have done themselves or had outside vendors build and support their websites.

    hr.nv.gov Test criteria and Results

     Item No.  Test Criteria Solution Found  Smartform Change Required  Fixed 
    1 Need to identify document types (word, pdf, xls, etc).
    Yes TBD TBD
    2 Can JAWS read them?
    N/A N/A N/A
    3   N/A N/A N/A
    4   Yes Yes TBD
    5 forms embedded using an iFrame - Google Forms, Formstack, etc.
    Yes N/A TBD
    8 Need to learn more about ADOBE and how to OCR documents for readability      
    9 Need to evaluate Social Media template and images. WAVE identifies the Twitter Feed as an iFrame (see #6)      
    10  Need to evaluate all embedded iFrames (Twitter, Google Forms, etc)      

      Human Resources (hr.nv.gov) & the State's ADA website (ada.nv.gov)

      Summary of Errors Identified by WAVE

        Using the Web Accessibility Evaluation (WAVE) Tool the following errors were identified on
        http://hr.nv.gov and http://ada.nv.gov.

           Error No. Error Description & Links to Additional Information  Solution Found   Template Change?  Fixed? 
          1 State Seal/Logo:
          Location: on homepage in the top-left corner where logo or state seal is located
          2 Search Field: A form control does not have a corresponding label.
          Location: Search Field
          Yes Yes Yes
          3 Search Field: A button is empty or has no value text.
          Location: Search Field
          Yes Yes Yes
          4 Initiative Boxes:  Link contains no text
          Location: Initiative Boxes
          Yes Yes Yes
          5 Initiative Box Photo:  an image without alternative text results in an empty link.
           Location: Initiative Box photo
          Yes Yes Yes
          6 Language Translation:  An image without alternative text results in an empty link
          Location: Language Translation
          No Yes No
          7 Cleardot.gif:
           Location: Google Image (cleardot.gif)
          8 Privacy Policy:
          Location: Privacy Policy at bottom of page 
          9 Carousel: Title is alternate text - user must have a title for each image in the carousel Yes No