State of Nevada Partners


Division of Enterprise Information Technology Services (EITS)

Michael Dietrich
Deputy Director
David Haas
Deputy Administrator, EITS
Suzie Block
Chief IT Manager, Agency IT Services (EITS)

Governor's Office

Keith Higtower
Legislative Director
Mary-Sarah Kinner
Communications Director
Shannon Litz
Constituent Services Program Officer

Attorney General's Office

Greg Ott
Senior Deputy
Sherri McGee
Information Technology Chief

EITS Web Team

Linda M DeSantis - ADA Co-Chair
Manager, Web Team
Joseph Diarte
Lead, Senior Developer
Victor L Van Horn
Web Developer
Diana Estey
Stateweb (CMS Support & ADA Coordinator)
Robert Shrader
Public Intern (CMS Support & ADA Coordinator)

Department of Human Resources

Peter Long
Division Administrator
Amy Taylor
Administrator, Equal Employment Opportunities
Tammy Smith
Equal Opportunity Officer

Department of Education (DOE)

Greg Bortolin
Public Information Officer
Roxanne Starbuck
Webmaster - ADA Coordinator for DOE

Department of Health & Human Resources (DHHS)

Richard Whitley
Director, Health & Human Services
Valerie Hoffman
Chief IT Manager

Library and Archives

Brett Silver
Library Technician - ADA coordinator