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It is equally important to review website content for accessibility as it is to make sure documents are ADA compliant.  There are two types of evaluations: 1) Automated testing and 2) manual testing.

    A Note About Automated Testing

    Automated testing is very important, however, keep in mind that automated testing alone will not make your website ADA compliant.  For example, an automated tool can identify that alternative text exists for an image but cannot determine if the alternative text is appropriate.  These items will be flagged by Siteimprove for manual review.  In addition, there are other accessibility barriers automated testing can't identify.  For that reason, it is equally important to manually test content and functionality of site components and forms.

      Automated Testing (Siteimprove)

      Manual Testing

      Most Common Issues


        Slashes in Dates and in Place of the Word 'and'

          Updated March 2019 - Previously it was not recommended to use slashes in dates (6/12/2018 - 8/12/2018) or in place of the word 'and' as research had indicated it did not read the same to both sighted users and screen readers. A number of the State's Assistive Technology (AT) Consumer Group have indicated this is not a problem after all.

            Opening Documents and External Links in New Windows

              Updated January 1, 2019 - Previously, it was not recommended to open documents and external links in new windows because it is difficult for users to be consistent and ensure links were identified as opening in a new window as required by accessibility criteria.  This is no longer an issue because the system programmatically attaches a label indicating the document will open in an external window whenever 'new window' is chosen in the hyperlink manager dialog box.  

                  The Following Practices are NOT Recommended

                  • Do not use bold text as a heading. Screen readers look for the semantic heading tag and will not see text that is bold as a heading.
                  • In the Hyperlink Manager Dialog box do not copy the url into the link text field. Copy the tooltip field for the link text.
                  • FY2010-2011 doesn't read out in a screen reader the way it does for sighted users. Need to use FY2010 to 2011 or FY2010 through 2011
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