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Education's SiteImprove Website Accessibility Status as of January 2, 2018

Accessibility Status* 
as of 8/31/2016
Accessibility Status* 
Accessibility Score**
A Issue Types: 31
AA Issue Types: 4
AAA Issue Types: 14
PDFs w Issues: 5,000+*
A Issue Types: 9
AA Issue Types: 2
AAA Issue Types: 3
PDFs w Issues: 1,540** 
NDE Overall Accessibility Score of 93 out of 100 an improvement of 26.1

*801 pages monitored by SiteImprove.
**Percentage remediated does not include PDFs as the SIteImprove PDF Tool is separate from the Content Tool.

Education's Main Website Accessibility Progress

  • 2016 Department of Education's Main Website Accessibility Progress Chart

Status as of 9/27/2017

CMS framework corrective actions were applied to the site bringing the number of A issues down to 18, AA issues down to 2 and AAA issues down to 3

Status as of 8/10/2017

There were 25 issue types to be resolved. 18 of these issues are errors, 4 are warnings and 3 require manual review.  

Priority issues included but were not limited to: 6 issues with headings, 5 issues with images, 4 issues with links & 3 issues with forms

Editor issues included but were not limited to: Non-distinguishable links, image links with no alternative test and webpages without titles

Webmaster/Developer Issues Included but were not limited to: Presentational attributes used, invalid WAI-ARIA role, state or property, use unique identification for elements, image-button without a description, grouping of form elements, pages that contain no headings

    Education's Initial Issues