Department of Education (DOE)

Remediation Status


Purpose: The Department of Education (DOE) remediation with OCR will require a lot of collaboration, cooperation and coordination between DOE and the Division of Information Technology System (EITS) web group and the Office of Civil Rights (OCR). In order to keep everyone information on issues or progress, we have put together the following information.

    DOE-OCR Remediation Coordinators:

    • Gregory D. Ott - Deputy Attorney General
    • Greg Bortolin - Public Information Officer (DOE)
    • Roxanne Starbuck - Webmaster (DOE)
      • DOE Webmaster's Credentials
    • Linda M DeSantis - Manager, Enterprise Web Group (EITS)

    List of DOE websites

    Chronological List of Remediation Efforts


      ADA Training

      Site Improve Software

      Siteimprove Software was purchased by EITS to assist in identifying ADA issues on the Department of Education's CMS websites. Currently, only a free tool, WAVE, has been used. WAVE only allows us to validate one webpage at a time, where Siteimprove's tools will help us check the entire website and produce a report automatically or on demand.