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    What steps are involved in making a website compliant?

     Step Task  Team  Time Estimate 
    Evaluate Current Website

      - Install the Siteimprove Accessibility Checker Evaluation Tool Editor 5 min
    2 Accessibility Education
      - Designate ADA Coordinator for your area. Agency Agency Discretion
      - Take ADA Course in NVeLearn Coordinator 1 hour
      - Contact Stateweb Coordinator 15 min
      - Replace non-compliant forms with ADA compliant forms in workarea navigation Webteam TBD
      - Provide site list to agency (identifies smart forms, files, images, etc) Webteam TBD
      - Provide Most Used Report (identifies which sections users visit most) Webteam 1 Day
    3 Clean up current website content, documents, media, etc.

      - review site keeping in mind if you don't delete it you must remediate it.  Delete unnecessary content and documents. Coordinator TBD
      - Convert non-compliant smart forms to ADA compliant smart forms Webteam TBD
      - Verify all programmatic issues have been resolved Webteam TBD
    4 Train agency staff to create accessible documents and to remediate existing documents Coordinator TBD
    5 Remediate existing documents.

      - Build folder structure to store documents during remediation Agency Staff 1 hr per site
    (80 doc site)
      - Download documents from website to folders Agency Staff 1 min per doc
      - Remediate documents
       - small document (1-5 pages)
       - medium document (5-25 pages)
       - large document (25-150 pages)
      - Going forward only ADA accessible files should be posted.  Agency Staff TBD
    5 Remediate Content (note:  if html content block used instead of a smart form remediation may take longer) Coordinator and Site Editors TBD
    6 Remediate audio and video files  
      - convert MP3 audio file to MP4 video file and save to desktop Agency Staff TBD
      - with transcript (upload it to create the closed captioning) Agency Staff TBD
      - Closed captioning (CC) - manually type word for word what is presented in the video file.  Identify speakers. Agency Staff TBD

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      • Accessible HTML Content
      • What Users Can Do Now!
      • Evaluation Tools
      • Remediation Plan