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Currently proclamations, executive orders & emergency orders are posted as a graphical image and are not accessible to disabled users.  Disabled users typically only find the title of the proclamation accessible to them and cannot read each paragraph as non-disabled users can.  The goal of Accessibility is providing the same experience to all users.

    Governor's Website Accessibility Status Report

    Initial Accessibility Status*
    as of 12/9/2016
    Accessibility Status *
    as of 10/13/2017
    Overall Score
    (100 % Points Possible) 
    A Issues: 36
    AA Issues: 3
    AAA Issues: 8
    PDF Issues: N/A
    A Issues: 1
    AA Issues: 1
    AAA Issues: 2
    PDF Issues: N/A
    95.3% Remediated
    A: 97
    AA: 99.3
    Warnings: 100

    *47 pages in this site are being monitored by Siteimprove.  The News & Media section and PDF documents are not monitored by Siteimprove. 

      Governor's Website Accessibility Progress as of 10/13/2017

      Recently Remediated (9/2017)

      The table below shows the number of proclamations, executive orders and emergency orders remediated for  2017 and 2016.  We are working backwards through the years.

         Year Proclamations Executive Orders  Emergency Orders 
        2017 160 (to date) 12 4
        2016 250 38 4
        Total 410 50 8

          Inaccessible vs. Accessible

          Proclamation or Emergency Order Title Inaccessible Version  Accessible Version
          A Day in Honor of President Ronald Reagan (html) (html)
          Lynch Syndrome Hereditary Cancer Awareness Day Inaccessible (html) (html)
          Travel and Tourism Week in Nevada (html) (html)
          Executive Order 2017-02 Order Establishing a Task Force on the Implementation of Ballot Question 2: The Regulation and Taxation of Marijuana Act (html) (html)
          Declaration of Emergency Due to Heavy Rainfall, Significant Flooding and Consequent Danger to Life and Damage to Property, Including Transportation Routes and Federal-aid Highways (html) (html)

            Governor Brian Sandoval's Website Dashboard

            Governor's Website Accessibility Progress

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