Site Accessibility Remediation

ADA Website Accessibility Progress Reports

We have begun remediation of this website. However, as it is not being monitored by Siteimprove, full site information is not available at this time. The page by page status is shown in the reports below if the page has been tested. Note: Document accessibility will begin once A & AA HTML accessibility has been achieved.

    *Note: Only the pages that are linked on the site have been checked for compliance. Remediation and clean up of the rest of this website is in-progress.

    Page by Page Status


       Initial Accessibility
      Status as of 9/1/2017
      Accessibility Status
      as of 10/6/2017 
      What do A, AA & AAA Mean?
      (AAA Compliance not required) 
      A Issues: 9 types
      AA Issues: 2 types
      AAA Issues: 2 types
      PDF Issues: 1
      Word Issues 1
      A Issues: 0 types
      AA Issues: 0 types
      AAA Issues: 0 types
      PDF Issues: 1
      Word Issues 1 
      Conformance & Severity Explanations

      • PDF ADA RemediationTraining (remediated 10/10/2017)

      The pages listed below also conform to the same A, AA & AAA standards as the homepage as of 10/6/2017:

      • What Users Can Do
        • Email Accessibility
        • HTML Content Accessibility
        • Microsoft Office Document Accessibility
        • PDF Document Accessibility
        • Audio, Video & Blog Accessibility
        • Accessibility Resources for Users

        • Development of a new ADA Compliance website (word)
        • Development of a new ADA Compliance website (pdf)