ADA Webinars

Overview Outline

The ADA webinar series includes six main sections designed to define accessibility, cover accessibility standards  websites, and provide tips as well as tools for users responsible for maintaining State of Nevada websites.

    • ADA and Section 508

    Webinars ADA


    Siteimprove is a high-powered accessibility tool currently used to improve accessibility compliance on four State of Nevada websites. It is being considered for additional state websites as well. Training webinars for Siteimprove will be added in the future if it is selected for additional State of Nevada websites.


      To be determined.

        Intro to Webinar Series

        • Intro to Webinar Series
        • Webinars
        • Remediation Guides
        • Accessible HTML Content
        • What Users Can Do Now!
        • Evaluation Tools
        • Remediation Plan