Accessibility Complaint Forms

If you have a website, digital media or electronic media issue please select the Website & Digital Media Accommodation Complaint Form button below.  If you have a physical accommodation issue please select the Physical Accommodation Complaint Form button below.  If you need additional information on website & digital media accommodations and physical accommodations review the material below the buttons.

      Accessibility Accommodation

      Website Accessibility Accommodation

      The State of Nevada Department of Administration, Division of Information Technology Services (EITS) is committed to providing access to our electronic and information technology, including our web pages and PDFs in the State of Nevada's Content Management System (CMS), for individuals with disabilities in accordance with the World Wide Web Consortium's (W3C's), Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 Levels A & AA, and the Web Accessibility Initiative Accessible Rich Internet Applications Suite (WAI-ARIA) 1.0 for web content.

        The State of Nevada Department of Administration, Division of Information Technology Services (EITS), is working to ensure that State employees with disabilities, and members of the public with disabilities seeking information or services from us, have access to and use of information and data that is comparable to the access and use by State employees, or members of the public who are not individuals with disabilities, unless an undue burden would be imposed on us. To meet this commitment, we are in the process of re-designing our web pages to exceed the standards of the World Wide Web Consortium's (W3C's), Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 Levels A & AA, and the Web Accessibility Initiative Accessible Rich Internet Applications Suite (WAI-ARIA) 1.0 for web content.

          Thank you for your patience while we re-design our site to better serve all constituents.

            State of Nevada Website ADA Compliance Logos

              ADA Logo: In-Progress   This logo will display on all State of Nevada website that are currently updating their site to meet the Section 508 WCAG 2.0 Levels A & AA Compliance Standards. ADA Logo - Compliant   This logo will display on all State of Nevada Websites that have been tested and met the Section. 508 WCAG 2.0 Levels A & AA Compliance Standards.

                Physical Accessibility Accommodation

                Division of Human Resource Management's Equal Employment Opportunity Office (EEO)

                  The Division of Human Resource Management's Equal Employment Opportunity Office (EEO) coordinates the State's various ADA programs and resources, ensuring employees and citizens are referred to the right person. ADA is considered to be the first lawful affirmation for equal treatment of Americans with mental and physical disabilities, the ADA prohibits discrimination against people with disabilities in employment, government services, public accommodations, commercial facilities, education and other areas of society.

                    Citizens with concerns regarding ADA issues related to government services, public accommodations, commercial facilities, and other areas can find various resources through the Department of Transportation or the Department of Administration's Public Works Division. Citizens who would like to file a complaint can do so by following the Department of Transportation or Public Works Division links or by submitting our online form and the EEO office will forward your complaint to the proper Agency for review. Department of Transportation Complaint Form Department of Administration's Public Works Division Complaint Form File a Complaint Online.

                      Employees with concerns regarding ADA issues should contact their Agency Human Resource or Personnel representative, or can file a complaint online through NEATS, or by completing the Sexual Harassment or Discrimination Complaint form and forwarding the document to our office. Sexual Harassment or Discrimination Complaint form 


                        For information on the State of Nevada ADA Compliance please contact:

                          Tammy Smith -
                          EEO Officer
                          100 North Stewart Street, Suite 200
                          Carson City, NV  89701
                          Phone: (775) 684-0104

                            Website Accessibility Complaints Received

                             Date Reported Reported By   Against Issue Other Entities
                            Complaint Filed With
                            Action Taken
                            May 2, 2018 (pdf)   Nevada Treasurer's Office & ABLE Nevada empty link (login button) None
                            Sent to Nevada Treasurer's Office May 2, 2018.  ABLE website check on Aug 22, 2018 revealed the issues had not been resolved.  Notified Grant Hewitt with the State of Nevada Treasurer's Office that the problems had not been corrected.  He is contacting the vendor for resolution.

                            Vendor Resolved issues September 24, 2018 (pdf)

                            May 3, 2018 Jeanine Mooers State of Nevada, Adult Education Template V4 JAWS templates display each line of text as level one headings.  Meetings page has no indication of which of the buttons are for Today, Previous Period and Next Period. The Week, Month and Agenda links are not labeled as links. None waiting for call back July 26, 2018
                            June 13, 2018 Carlos State of Nevada Official Website Wanted to send himself his birth certificate and couldn't find it.  None Contacted Carlo and directed him to the Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health for birth certificate. 
                            July 26, 2018
                            June 26, 2018 William C Sells Jr. Not Reported Not Reported None Contacted William and he couldn't remember what the problem was.  He took my name and phone number and will call us back when he remembers what the issue was. July 26, 2018
                            September 9, 108 Sheriff Olaide Mustapha No issue.  None Referred to Linda DeSantis 10/9/2018

                              Physical ADA Complaints Received


                              Physical ADA Complaints Received in 2019
                               Date Reported Reported By   Against Issue  Filed With Action Taken
                              Jan 3, 2019 Steven Fittro Walmart Nellis Blvd, Las Vegas I went to the Walmart at 201 N. Nellis Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89110 to get a wire from the
                              electronics department last week on 12-23-2018, and I went up to the check-out line. They used to have a disabled line and apparently they took it out. Im disabled and cannot stand for longer than 5-10 minutes, I also suffer from syncope. Which means that sitting & standing may cause me to pass out. Luckily, nothing happened.
                              So I was standing there, the security guard and the check out lady told me that I had to go to the back of the line and sit on a chair. By the time it was my turn, a lady walks up, tells the other lady at the check out that she tried to pay for pictures at the machine, but it wasn't working. Neither the checker nor the security guard said anything, she paid for her stuff and left.
                              Today 01-02-2019, I was at customer service for the battery. I went to the left of the line to bypass it. The lady asked me if I had the Walmart app, I said no, I''m disabled. She said that I still had to stand in line. I said, no I don''t I''m disabled. Then she comes around and tells me that they stopped checking batteries at 7, because they close at whatever time. When I texted my wife, it was at 7:14. I told her that there was 2 other people in line who were doing the same thing as me. The guy directly in front of me was waiting in the line and the other guy, his battery was taken and was told to sit down and wait for his battery to be checked.
                              ADA.GOV Complaint# 100066449 reference no. 19-03u9t-20cv Sent to EEO Officer Tammy Smith 1/3/19


                                Physical ADA Complaints Received in 2018
                                 Date Reported Reported By   Against Issue  Filed With Action Taken
                                Jan 24, 2018 Erika R. Vevers Not reported Not Reported North Valley Complex Referred to NERC & EEOC
                                Feb 12, 2018 Kimberly D. Andersen Lexus of Las Vegas Ms. Andersen filed a complaint in our ADA system on January 20, 2018 and it was lost in the upgrade. N/A Referred to NERC & EEOC
                                Mar 3, 2018 Ralph A. Elligott Walgreens Drug Store, Gardnerville Physical Access Federal ADA Complaint filed Received the ADA Template Response. 
                                Apr 16, 2018 Valeri Butkevych Not reported Not Reported N/A

                                No action required.  Valerie indicated she did not mean to file a complaint.  Was trying to help her Dad with insurance paperwork

                                May 7, 2018 Kenon Burns Silver Sevens Hotel Casino, Las Vegas Denial of services and refusal to admit Disabled American Veterans Referred to NERC and EEOC. 
                                May 8, 2018 Erin Smith Great Basin College, Elko Physical access, wheel chair and walker accessibility N/A Referred to NSHE for Great Basin College, NERC and EEOC.
                                May 18, 2018 Gary Watson State of Nevada, 555 E. Washington Avenue, Las Vegas Discrimination on ADA parking spaces (1 in 25) and enforcing ADA parking laws N/A Referred to Nevada Public Works Division, NERC and EEOC.
                                May 26, 2018 Phillip A. Crabtree Reno Transit Center, Reno Bus driver not accommodating and rude Reno Transit Center  Referred to RTC, NERC and EEOC.
                                May 30, 2018 Cathy M. Chavis Westland Realty Group Physical access, housing.  Did not comply with reasonable accommodations for medical transfer from upstairs to downstairs apartment No Referred to Clark County Housing Authority and NERC.
                                Jul 1, 2018 Alison H. Mcmullen Sephora, Reno
                                United Blood Services Reno
                                Isles at Sephora not being compliant and United Blood Services in Reno making fun of her weight and disability. No Referred to NERC and EEOC
                                Jul 8, 2018 Caroline Evins Reno Valley Assisted Living and Retirement Center, Reno Complaint about physical access for those needing a wheelchair and/or walker. No Referred to NERC and EEOC
                                Aug 4, 2018 James Guthrie County Ridge HOA      Physical access, denial of services, refusal to admit      No Referred to Southern Nevada Housing authority and gave him information for the NERC and EEOC.
                                Aug 21, 2018 Charlotte-Caroline Pataky Harvey's & Harrah's Stateline NV      Complaint about being treated unfairly because of her physical, mental and psychiatric disability. No Referred to NERC and EEOC for Northern Nevada.
                                Sep 12, 2018 Don Anderson Grass Valley Elementary School, Winnemucca Our granddaughter is required to use the south entrance to the school which has no handicap parking or curb access. The west entrance has handicap parking and access but at the start of school is behind a locked gate and they will not let her use the entrance. It is my belief that all entrances must have handicap access according to ADA rules No Referred to NERC, EEOC and Humboldt County School District Sept. 17, 2018
                                Sep 15, 2018 Robie Love Clark County Family Services & Clark County Detention Center Interpreter/assistive listening, Housing, Retaliation, Clark County Employees Retaliated on a vulnerable person on meds 8mm suffering from PTSD No Referred to NERC and EEOC 10/8/2018
                                October 7, 2018 Kathryn Blankenship El Dorado Hotel Reno Mobility, physical access, denial of services / refusal to admit. I was unable to go upstairs in the casino.  There was a lift but it required an employee for assistance.  We called on the provided phone, waited over a half an hour and nobody came.  Employees that passed by we would ask them for assistance they all said they had to call someone else. That never showed up. No Referred to local NERC and EEOC 10/9/2018
                                October 8, 2018 Padriagh Dinnis Grasion County Parole and Probation, Sherman, TX Mobility, Cognitive/ Intellectual/ developmental, Learning, Mental/Psychiatric, Vision, Hearing, Seizure, Speech, HIV/AIDS, Diabetes.  Denial of services/refusal to admit, I AM A SCHZOPHRINIIC AND NEED TO BE ADMITTED TO NEVADA STATE HOSPITAL TO SERVE THE REST OF PROBATION. Yes
                                CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY
                                Referred to local NERC and EEOC 10/9/2018
                                October 13, 2018 Jennifer Smith  Mandalay Bay Aquarium, Las Vegas Mobility and physical access.  Tried to visit the aquarium at Mandalay Bay, my family was told they had to park over half a mile away. I am disabled and have a state issued placard for handicapped parking. Mandalay Bay decided to shut down the parking lot in front of the aquarium to lease it out for an event. That means they also shut down access to the required handicapped parking that serves the aquarium building.

                                I am not one to file a complaint unless I’ve done everything in my ability to try to resolve it. So I called the hotel, spoke with the box office and multiple people in security (I spent over an hour total on the phone). I finally spoke to the security manager “Lisa” (they would not give me her last name). She was nothing but rude and argumentative, kept talking over me and wouldn’t listen. She insisted that I would have to use ADA parking farther away in the convention center parking garage. That defeats the whole purpose of the required ADA accessible parking out front - she totally didn’t get that not only do I have to park, but I have to be able to walk to where I need to go (I use forearm crutches or a walker). Then she hung up on me! I tried to call back and they told me I wouldn’t be able to speak to anyone higher until Monday, said the Security Director’s name is Blake Paris and to follow up with him.

                                Unfortunately, none of this helps me for this weekend, when we are here visiting from out of town. By taking away the legally required ADA parking spaces, Mandalay Bay is discriminating against me because I don’t have the same opportunity to access the structure in the way other patrons do. You can’t remove required ADA access just because you want to have a special event. Not without at least making suitable equal access elsewhere. You can’t just tell a disabled person they’ll just have to park farther away and then hang up on them.
                                Federal ADA Online Complaint Form     
                                Sent to HR EEO Officer Tammy Smith
                                Oct 18, 2018 Amberly Stanfill Oasis Family Counseling, Henderson Denial of services/refusal to admit, Medical records and did have services but no longer can have medical records or diagnosis.  They sent a letter stating Steve Guevara was no longer with them after my daughter saw him twice can not find proof of licence as well as they will not give me my daughter's records stating they do not stand behind Dr Steve. No Referred to EEOC and Clark County Medical Society 11/15/2018
                                Nov 22, 2018 Yvette Chevalier Clark County Building and Inspection  I spoke with at least ten different persons from Clark County about my above ground pool for my handicapped service dogs. I use my dogs to help for stability and sleep apnea. They also retrieve objects if I drop them in water and also help me swim. I have 8 dogs in training and have an above ground pool at 6750 Boulder Highway, LV NV 89122. The county is asking me to take down the dog pool because I cant find a commercial entity to permit the pool. It is an above ground 48 inch pool purchased on Amazon and a deck built for the dogs only. As a disabled person, I feel my dogs should be able to swim. The area is not near pedestrian right of way and is fenced. This is for my DOGS ONLY. i CALLED OVER 40 POOL CONTRACTORS AND ALL SAY THERE IS NO SUCH PERMIT FOR AN ABOVE GROUND POOL. I ASKED THE COUNTY FOR REFERRALS OF PERSONS WHO COULD HELP ME OBTAIN A PERMIT AND THEY REFUSE TO
                                Clark County Building and Inspection Sent to HR EEO Officer Tammy Smith 
                                Nov 29, 2018 Alejandra Gutierrez Rancho High School  Today 11/28/2018. My son went to school to Rancho High School. He is wheel chair bound. The school had a fire drill and the teacher did not know what to do with him so she decided to tell my son to take the elevator. An employee seen him going throws the elevator and advise him not to take the elevator. He replied to her if she could help him go down the stairs. She said to him Nevermind take the elevator. This is a school who does not have ADA for children in wheelchairs. No ramp was made for this kind of emergency. No one assisted my son. I feel this is discrimination throws him. Especially since he asked for help. If you could please help an anyway. This is very upsetting. My son was afraid. What if there was a real fire and they left him behind?. Not Asked Sent to HR EEO Officer Tammy Smith 
                                Dec 4, 2018 Marcia Garcia KFC
                                Los Altos Parkway, Sparks
                                Summer and Rosa both managers at KFC do not allow employees to take breaks when they work 6 or more hours. They also do not allow employees lunch breaks. KFC only Sent to HR EEO Officer Tammy Smith 12/4/2018
                                Dec 4, 2018 Robert Newman Burger King
                                North Las Vegas
                                Burger King at Simmons and Ann in North Las Vegas is designed so when a big trailer rig delivers the rig will block one handicapped spot plus the access.  In some cases both handicapped spots and access.  This was reported to the city attorney about June 1 (an exact date).  I was told to report to a city dept after 45 days or so.  Case #22774 was set up about 8/7/18.  City was provided dates I caught them, and dates of photos.  They were sent list of dates photos of one date and as I recall a receipt of the date.  As of 12/4/18 I have not been contacted - photos show violation - clearly show it.  What to investigate? unless yo cover up an activity from day of opening.  BK CEO was contacted twice. - has done zip - SOX violation. City of North Las Vegas Sent to NV Labor Commission by HR EEO Officer Tammy Smith 12/10/2018
                                Dec 8, 2018 Kelley Thomas Memories You Can Hold, Durango & Desert Inn. Been working with company memories you can hold they issue a pay check and its a week later we still cant cash it also cashed two of there checks at smiths store smiths says i owe them money didn't clear in there account bad checks.slow at paying employers and bad checks .   Sent to NV Labor Commission by HR EEO Officer Tammy Smith 12/10/2018
                                Dec 16, 2018 William Escobar Villas at Green Valley, Henderson I keep receiving letters that our vehicle will be towed for parking in the handicap parking.  I'm unable to walk long distances due to a back injury and this issue is causing me stress.  I don't know what else to do? N/A Sent to HR EEO Officer Tammy Smith 
                                Dec 20, 2018 Christine Martinez Division of Welfare and Supportive Services I'm 19 and unemployed at the moment I am staying at a friend's house and need emergency stamps please contact me as soon as possible thank you N/A Sent to HR EEO Officer Tammy Smith 
                                Dec 20, 2018 Meegan Lennon Town and Country Mannor 3 Housing Retaliation No Sent to HR EEO Officer Tammy Smith