Is the image free of text?

  • Is the image free of text?

Issue: This warning will always appear for images on your pages because you need to manually make sure that there is no text in images.

    Images that contain text within them are not accessible. Examples of this could include an image that contains the text 'Red shoes on sale'. An alternative text will help screen reader users understand the concept, but other user groups do not benefit from alternative texts.

      Dyslexic users who use different tools for reading aloud than visually impaired users will not be able to access either the text in the image or the alternative text with their kind of assistive technologies.

        In addition, users with low vision who use magnification programs to enlarge elements on the page can experience that the image become pixelated and more difficult to read when enlarged.

          Resolution: Images of text should be avoided except in special cases, such as in logos. Review the images to assess whether images of text is used and should be avoided. If images of text can’t be avoided, the ‘alt’ should contain the same text as the image.  Keep in mind that alternative text should be a short phrase or a short sentence not multiple sentences or a paragraph.  

            Alternative text describes images unless the image is a link, in which case the alternative text should describe the link destination.

              How to:

              • Remove images that contain too much text or explain the complicated image in text above, below or in a link to a separate page.

              Pass the following images when they are flagged:

              • ADA Accessibility Icon (wheelchair in white or black)
              • Close Image (x)
              • The wheelchair icon black
              • The wheelchair icon clear (document is compliant. Select if.....).
                • You don't actually see the wheelchair icon just the words in parentheses