Link text used for multiple different destinations

  • Link text used for multiple different destinations

ISSUE: The same link text is used for links going to different destinations. Users might not know the difference if they are not somehow explained.

    RESOLUTION: Make sure links are distinguishable by just their link texts.  Link texts or labels should be unique. If taken into a Word or Excel document the link text should tell you where the link would take you.  If you have multiple links with different link texts or labels, combine them into a single link with all of the labels.

    Originally, these were three separate links all going to the same PDF document.  In order to meet ADA success criteria all three links were combined into a single link.  This link text is used in all locations where this document is referred to.

      Wheelchair document icon links - they are all different. You can pass these everytime they appear.

      The wheelchair link will be identified under "Link text used for multiple different destinations" and will appear every time you post a document. Each wheelchair link includes the name of the document so each link destination is unique.  You can apply a decision to pass these every time they appear.