Links are not clearly identifiable


For instance, if all three labels below were used to go to the same email address (or it could be to the same web page or document) it violates ADA success criteria.

    • Email Us
    • Email Stateweb at
    • Stateweb

    The first link "Email Us" is a problem because it does not tell an assistive technology user where the link will take them. The reason this is a problem is because assistive technology users can traverse the page by only the links.  This means that they hear only the link label and not the surrounding text, so it will not make sense to them. They will be left asking "Email who?".

    The second and third link labels "Email Stateweb at" and "Stateweb" aren't bad choices for the link label, the problem is that we already have a link on the page labeled "Email Us" going to "".

      How to Fix

      Re-label the links identically using either "Stateweb" or "Email" to correct the issue.