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Do you want to have FREE LEARNING made available to you from Linked-In? All you need to do is apply for a Library card online for FREE training with LinkedIn Learning. You can also obtain Linked-In Learning Certificates when you complete your course.

LinkedIn Free Learning Course Instructions

Free Microsoft Training Available

Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint & Publisher

In the Microsoft product of your choice, open the search field. In Microsoft Word 0365 it looks like the one below but may appear differently in older software versions:

Search in MSWord 0365

Enter the search criteria "Tutorial" and press enter. Choose the training tutorial that most fits what you want to do, or start at the beginning.

In older versions you may be looking for a paperclip or Office Assistant. If you don't see it press F1 on the keyboard. If the Office Assistant still does not display, choose Show the Office Assistant from the HELP menu.

  • Call up the Office Assistant: Help > Microsoft x Help 


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