Accessibility Overall Score Dashboard

When you first login to Siteimprove the dashboard you see depends on the dashboard you've chosen.  If you've chosen the Accessibility Overall Score Dashboard Siteimprove will look like the image below.

  • Siteimprove Accessibility Overall Score Dashboard Example

Long Description

The Accessibility Overall Score example shows the Siteimprove Dashboard with a a button allowing the the user to hide the menu on the top left and the navigation directly below that with horizontal buttons for: Quality Assurance, Accessibility, SEO, Policy, Usability, Response, Integrations & Settings.

To the right of the dashboard is a drop-down menu that allows the user to choose which site to view (if there account has more than one website).  To the right of the Site selection drop-down button is the Group selection drop-down button.  If your agency as split their website in Siteimprove into groups, use this drop-down navigation.  


In the following example we've selected the Accessibility Overall Score Dashboard which is displayed directly below the Site and Group selection drop-down menus. Users can choose which Dashboard to view.  To the right of the dashboard selection drop-down menu with the Accessibility Overall Score widget displayed on the left with the Fix These Issues to Improve Your Score table to its right.

In this example, the Accessibility Overall Score Dashboard is displayed.