Microsoft Word ADA Document Remediation Training

Remediate Word Overview:

  • Downloads available: 
  • Associated Links: 
    • Feedback/Suggestions
    • Print Adobe PDF Accessibility Checklist 
  • Suggestions: 
    • Always try to fix errors in the source document, if possible
NOTE: All Downloads are available in STATE - Web Enterprise TEAMS

Word Training - Sub-Topics:

1. Inspect and Fix (Guide) (Video: 4 min) (TEAMS) (YouTube) (Class) (Word Non-Compliant)

  1. Inspecting a Document
  2. Check for issues
  3. Style and Appearance
  4. Structural Elements
  5. Alternative Text
  6. Table Structure
  7. Hyperlink Text
  8. Re-check for issues
  9. Use color appropriately (Link)

2. A Compliant Word document Review (Video 2 min) (TEAMS) (YouTube) (Class) (Word Compliant)

  1. Using existing document, i.e., your existing complaint Letterhead to build your agendas
  2. Using heading correctly
  3. Do not use table structure
3. Export WORD to PDF (Guide) (Video 2 min) (TEAMS) (YouTube) (Class(Word Compliant)
  1. File
  2. Click Info tab
  3. Give Document a Title
  4. Export
  5. Select Create PDF/XPS
  6. Click PDF/XPS ICON
  7. Publish to PDF 

4. Letterhead (Guide): (Video 5 min) (TEAMS) (YouTube) (Class)

  1. Column and Section Breaks
  2. Create ADA compliant Letterhead
  3. Ensure Letterhead is still ADA compliant
    1. Make sure you use this compliant Letterhead to build other documents that will eventually be posted to your website 

Creating a Compliant Word Document: (not covered in class):

Create a Compliant Word Document Resources
Accessible Word Templates created by Microsoft:

  • Microsoft:
    • Make your Word documents accessible to people with disabilities (Link
      • Learn How to create an ADA compliant WORD
      • View beginner, intermediate and advanced classes
      • Advanced courses are offered for all source documents
      • How to get a FREE Tool? (Link)
        •  Need a Library card - Apply for a library card on line (Link)   
  • WebAim 
    • Creating Accessible Word documents (Link)

Word: Quick Tips and Tricks

Word Tips & Tricks: 

  • Give a title to the document by selecting file and add a title
  • Export document to save all formatting by selecting Create PDF/XPS Document instead of saving as PDF.
  • Make sure all images have alt text.
  • Make sure all table have a table summary and table headers identified (5 min)

  • Overview of the Siteimprove website monitoring tool.
  • See how many bad PDF documents are in a website.
  • View course offered in Siteimprove academy.

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