Overview: Road to Training

ADA Documentation Remediation Training Overview: 
We have reorganized the current ADA Remediation training class based on research, feedback and lessons learned and will be implementing the new class in January 2021. Our goal is to provide our users a comprehensive training class where they can jump in at a designated time and only take the training they want. Then, if they want to review the TOPICS at a later time, they can go online and all of the following details of the class material and more, will be available to them. All ADA Training is being done on the STATE-Web Enterprise channel and you do NOT have to be a Member of that Team to have access.  

Class is structured by TOPICS, and within each TOPIC are the Sub-TOPICS that will be covered


  • VIDEOS are offered in 3 formats: (TEAMS) or (YouTube) or (CLASS-recordings from live-streaming class) and each video is only 10 minutes or less, depending on the topic so they can just review just that topic and not have to search a 2-hour video like before
  • PRACTICE DOCUMENTS are 'bad', non-compliant documents that can be downloaded before the class and then used to follow along with the instructor and make your document compliant using techniques being shown in class
  • GUIDES and CHECKLISTS are also available for reference
Users can:
  • Take the ENTIRE Class - OR -
  • Log on only when they want to take the TOPIC(s) they are interested in learning
    • Example:  If they only want to learn about the Sub-Topic 3-Setup Adobe Tool, they can log on at the designated START TIME of 9:00 am and JOIN THE CLASS
  • TIME is allowed for Questions and Answers at the end of the Class session. 
  • Class will have two instructors: one giving the Live training, another working with CHAT during Live Class
 After the Class:  
  • All Materials covered in class are available at https://ada.nv.gov/home/Overview_Road_to_Training(N)/
  • Just CLICK on the TOPIC or on the Sub-TOPIC you are interested in and guides, videos and practice documents are available
  • We have also provided other training resources that are NOT INCLUDED in our training classes but can help your expand your knowledge of ADA (Listed at bottom of Class agenda)
  • All class will be RECORDED and POSTED on this website within one day of the class (CLASS RECORDING- Entire Class
  • If you want a CLASS RECORDING of just a SUB-TOPIC, go to the Class Agenda below and click on that sub topic and find (CLASS)
ADA Document Remediation Training Class AGENDA:
Course TOPICS Start Time Stop Time Sub Topics Covered (have their own Videos & Guides)
Help users log on  08:30 am  08:35 am Download Practice documents to remediate along with your instructor 
1-Class Overview 08:35 am   08:45 am  Overview the new process: How the new training works | Start times, End Times | Only Take Classes you want -OR- TAKE ALL CLASSES being covered | Review info after Class | Other Training Options NOT COVERED in Class 
2-WORD 08:45 am 09:00 am 1-Inspect and Fix Accessibility Issues |  2-A Compliant Document review | 3-Export WORD to PDF | 4- Letterhead
3-Setup ADA Tools  09:00 am  09:15 am 1-Adobe Acrobat Versions | 2-NVDA  | 3-Setup Adobe Tool
BREAK 09:15 am  09:30 am  
4-Adobe Acrobat PDF 09:30 am 10:45 am  1-First Three Steps | 2-Perform Manual Accessibility Check | 3-Identify/Fix Errors | 4-Headings | 5-Tagged Content | 6-Tagged Annotations | 7-Content Panel | 8-Logical Reading Order & Color Contrast | 9-Review a Compliant PDF Doc | 10-Action Wizard | 11-Fix Tables | 12-Scanned | 13-Remediate Fillable Docs |
5-EXCEL 10:45 am 10:50 am 1-Inspect and Fix | 2-Export EXCEL to PDF |
6-PowerPoint (PPT) 10:50 am 11:00 am 1-Inspect and Fix | 2-Export PPT to PDF
Questions & Answers  11:00 am 11:15 am  
What is Remediation?      1-What is Remediation? | Why Remediate? | Helpful Links |
About ADA     1-About ADA | Links  Glossary | References
Create a Compliant Word document     Accessible Templates by Microsoft | Templates Sampler | How to create a TOC by Microsoft | Word Training References
Word Reference      Word Tips & Tricks | Lynda.com-Word | |
More Reference Tools     1-Siteimprove tool-Quick Overview | ADA.nv.gov | Outreach.nv.gov | Siteimprove Academy |
Uncommon Errors in PDF     1-Uncommon Errors | 2-Extract page within a document | 3-Export PDF Back to Word | 4-Create a Fillable Doc | 5-Spanish Words |
Adobe References     Checklist | PDF| Tips & Tricks | Lynda.com-PDF | Resources |
Reference Materials     Consolidated list of ALL: ADA related Links | all guides | all videos | all practice guides | All Tips & Tricks | All tool |