ADA Server Level Agreement Steps


Download the current approved Service Level Agreement (SLA). 3.5.19 SLA Final

Once you have downloaded the SLA, modify the cover page by changing [Insert Customer] to your Department or Division name.
Next on the cover page please change Effective [enter date] to the date you want the SLA to be in effect. Example would be: Effective 12/12/19.

Once these changes have been made, please print the modified SLA document.

Please carefully read the SLA and have the appropriate people sign and date page 5 in the CUSTOMER section. This SLA will need the Department or Division Director signature, and the Department or Division point of contact (POC) signature.

EITS will fill out the EITS section, you do not need to fill in or date this section.

Once the CUSTOMER section is signed and dated, please scan and email to
Once the Web Team receives your SLA, we will have EITS leadership sign and date. While EITS leadership are signing your SLA we will be contacting you with the next steps and when you can expect to start using the Siteimprove environment to remediate your websites.

Below are two links, please visit both links as they have critical information that will help you with the SLA process.