ISSUE: Image with no alt attribute

Image with no alt attribute
Issue: The image does not have an 'alt' attribute (alt="")

Resolution: It’s important all images have the attribute for alternative text regardless of whether an alternative text is added. If an image is decorative and provides no meaningful information the alt text tag should be empty.  All images that convey meaning or provide a link must contain alternative text.  Alternative text should briefly describe the image or if the image is a link it should describe the link destination.

How to:

  • In the workarea
  • Open the content block that contains the image with no alt attribute
  • Enter alternative text for the image in the alt text field
  • Enter text description in the Alt Text field and publish the page

Meeting Smartform Alternative Text Issues

If a meeting page on your site is being flagged by Siteimprove and the icons below are the cause, email: and provide a link to the page with the issue.

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