Common Heading Accessibility Issues (H1 heading - Level 1)

Warning: No top-level heading on the page

No top-level heading on 4 pages

Issue: A top level heading helps user agents such as screen readers and search engines to know the main topic of a page.

Resolution: Add H1, H2 and H3 heading to the page where appropriate. Every page must have at least an H1 heading. In Ektron this is the all capital heading you see at the top of each page.

How to:

    No top-level heading on the HOME page

    • In the workarea, in the Home > Features Folder
    • Create a new HTML content block
    • Enter the main subject of page (h1 heading) in the HTML content block
    • Highlight the text of the heading
    • HEADING 1 on the paragraph drop-down menufrom the paragraph drop-down menu choose HEADING 1
    • Publish
    • Edit the homepage of the site
    • Click on the metadata tab
    • Locate the Banner Left section and click the EDIT button
    • navigate to the HTML content block containing the H1 heading and double-click to select it
    • Click Insert if you don't see it populate the bottom section on the right side of the window
    • Select the H1 header and click the up arrow until it is in the top location
    • Click SAVE
    • Click publish

    No top-level heading on Secondary Page

    What is a secondary page? The Common Issues page is a secondary page.  It typically has navigation on the left sidebar and may display additional links in a right sidebar.  In the original Ektron version the navigation goes four levels deep.  In the newer V3 version the navigation only allows 2 levels.

    • In the workarea
    • Edit the smart form missing the heading
    • Enter main subject of page in the Page Title field
    • Publish content