State Web Development "Outreach" to our customers


Being able to reach our customers is the most important thing to us.  The State Web Development team has created a new website, to help resolve that issue. 

We have numerous projects happening in 2019-2020, and we want to share them with you. 

1. State of Nevada Portal - the State of Nevada portal's primary purpose is to direct traffic to state agencies and their services. It also informs residents about Nevada's Governor Steven Sisolac, Nevada's Elected Officials and other branches of Nevada State Government. It highlights State of Nevada Programs, on-line services, business information, education employment, unemployment assistance and educational opportunities. A great deal of research and planning was done to create this new portal, State of Nevada portal, and a special thank you to all of the departments, agencies, etc., who collaborated with us to make this happen!

2. Ektron V3 - Responsive Design - This new version of Ektron will make your websites Mobile friendly, and also give you a wide screen homepage with better navigation that is ADA Compliant. Contact Linda DeSantis, for information on how you can move to this new look.
3. ADA - Siteimprove License - Siteimprove is MONITORING software that provides insight to help you address issues that are impacting your site's ADA accessibility, content quality, brand compliance, SEO and data security. Siteimprove alone has analytics to help you decipher visitor behavior and craft a more intuitive experience for your visitors. Questions and Answers about the Siteimprove License.

4. Siteimprove Landing Page - Everything you ever want to know about what Siteimprove is, the benefits and how to use it.  Siteimprove.

5.  New State of Nevada Content Management System (CMS). The Request for Purchase will be issued the end of December 2019. Detailed information coming soon!

6.  ADA Document Remediation Training Classes - Training Calendar. This is where you can find ALL TRAINING classes for ADA document remediation.