Advanced Adobe Acrobat Document Remediation Training

Remediate Word Overview:

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    • Always try to fix errors in the source document, if possible
NOTE: All Downloads are available in STATE - Web Enterprise TEAMS

Advanced Adobe Acrobat - Sub-Topics:

1. Merged Cells in a table (GUIDE) (Video x min) (TEAMS) (YouTube) (Class) (PDF-xxx)

  1. Tag each cell
  2. Open tags pane
  3. New tag: Table
  4. Move all table cells into new table
  5. Make all table rows in new table
  6. Put all table data cells into correct table rows
  7. Set table headers in tags pane <TD> to <TH>
  8. Change color of cell as needed
  9. Make sure you have a copy of PDF before making changes
  10. Click on header cell and define scope and column span to fix regularity issues
  11. Click on row header and change scope and row span to fix regularity issues.

2. Associate table cell with headers (GUIDE) (Video x min) (TEAMS) (YouTube) (Class) (PDF-xxx)

  1. Choose table editor and select table header and give the table header a cell ID
  2. Select the corresponding cells and click on the + sign and associate them to the correct ID.

3. Tables with list and bullets (GUIDE) (Video x min) (TEAMS) (YouTube) (Class) (PDF-xxx)

  1. Strip out the content out of a table that does not need to be in a table
  2. Use shift click to grab several items at once
  3. Re tag elements as a <H2>, <P>, or <L> as needed.

4. Creating Table of Contents Links (GUIDE) (Video x min) (TEAMS) (YouTube) (Class) (PDF-xxx)

  1. Best practice is to set up TOC in word document
  2. In PDF highlight text to link to a page
  3. Right click on highlighted text and create a link
  4. “Link Action” select go to a page view, Select Next.
  5. Scroll to the page that the TOC is going to be linked to and select “set link”

5. Scanned PDF (GUIDE) (Video x min) (TEAMS) (YouTube) (Class) (PDF-xxx)

  1. Enhance scan tool
  2. “Settings” change output to Editable text and Images.
  3. Click “Recognize Text”
  4. Option to correct Recognized text option in “Recognize Text drop down”

6. Fillable (GUIDE) (Video x min) (TEAMS) (YouTube) (Class) (PDF-xxx)

  1. How to create a fillable from scratch.
  2. Delete and add appropriate text fields.
  3. Rename text fields in entire document.
  4. Format fields to match date, social, phone numbers, zip code (5 min)

  • Overview of the Siteimprove website monitoring tool.
  • See how many bad PDF documents are in a website.
  • View course offered in Siteimprove academy.

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