Advanced Adobe Acrobat Document Remediation Training


  • Always try to fix errors in the source document, if possible

Advanced Adobe Acrobat - Sub-Topics:

1. Associate table cell with headers (GUIDE) Class 1 Video - 5 min | Associate Header PDF Practice Document

  • Choose table editor and select table header and give the table header a cell ID
  • Select the corresponding cells and click on the + sign and associate them to the correct ID.

2. Merged Cells in Tables (GUIDE)  | Class 2 Video - 10 min | Merged Cells PDF Practice Document 

  • Tag each cell
  • Open tags pane
  • New tag: Table
  • Move all table cells into new table
  • Make all table rows in new table
  • Put all table data cells into correct table rows
  • Set table headers in tags pane <TD> to <TH>
  • Change color of cell as needed
  • Make sure you have a copy of PDF before making changes
  • Click on header cell and define scope and column span to fix regularity issues
  • Click on row header and change scope and row span to fix regularity issues.

3. Tables with Lists and Bullets (GUIDE)  | Class 3 Video - 6 min | Lists and Bullets PDF Practice Document 

  • Strip out the content out of a table that does not need to be in a table
  • Use shift click to grab several items at once
  • Re tag elements as a <H2>, <P>, or <L> as needed

4. Creating Table of Content Links (GUIDE) | Class 4 Video - 3 min | Table of Content PDF Practice Document 

  • Best practice is to set up TOC in word document
  • In PDF highlight text to link to a page
  • Right click on highlighted text and create a link
  • “Link Action” select go to a page view, Select Next
  • Scroll to the page that the TOC is going to be linked to and select “set link” 

 5. Creating a Fillable PDF (GUIDE) | Class 5 Video - 7 min Create Fillable PDF Practice Document 

  • How to create a fillable from scratch
  • Identify all form fields labelled correctly with name and tool tip
  • Add and delete form fields
  • How to add clear form button
  • How to add submit button

 6. Extracting Difficult Pages in PDF (GUIDE) | Class 6 Video - 5 min | Extract Difficult Text PDF Practice Document 

  • Select the organize pages tool.
  • Highlight the page to be extracted.
  • Extract as a separate file and delete the current page in PDF.
  • Remediate single page, check for errors, and save document.
  • Import remediated page back into original document.
  • Re-run accessibility checker.

 7. Content Panel (GUIDE) | Class Video - 4 min | Content Panel PDF Practice Document 

  • How to artifact paths in the content panel.
  • “Create Artifact” select page and select ok.
  • Artifact paths, place, and text: individually or in groups.
  • Verify that all containers are consolidated in the content panel. (5 min)

  • Overview of the Siteimprove website monitoring tool.
  • See how many bad PDF documents are in a website.
  • View course offered in Siteimprove academy.

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