Excel ADA Document Remediation Training


  • Downloads available:
  • Practice Documents:2
  • Guides: 2
  •  2 Videos:  - Total minutes: 8
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NOTE: All Downloads are available in STATE - Web Enterprise TEAMS

EXCEL Training:

1.  How to Inspect an Excel Spreadsheet (Guide) (Practice Excel Document) 

  1. How to Check for Issues.
  2. Alternative Text.
  3. Adding ALT Text to Images.
  4. How to set a Table Header.
  5. Hyperlink Text.
  6. Adding ALT Text to a Hyperlink.
  7. Adding ALT Text to a Table.
  8. Merged Cells.
  9. Default Sheet Names.
  10. A Compliant Excel Document (Review)

2. Export Excel to PDF (Guide)  (Practice Excel) 

  1. File
  2. Click Info tab
  3. Give Document a Title
  4. Export
  5. Select Create PDF/XPS
  6. Click PDF/XPS ICON
  7. Publish to PDF 

Siteimprove.com University ONLY FOR EXCEL (License needed for access)

  • Accessibility for Content Contributors and Designers
  • Accessibility for Microsoft Office
    •  (Word, PowerPoint, Excel)
  • Accessibility for Documents
    • Creating Accessible content in documents
  • Accessibility for PDFs
    • Creating, working, and testing

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