Siteimprove Common Issues

Remediation HTML Content

It is equally important to review website content for accessibility as it is to make sure documents are ADA compliant. There are two types of evaluations: 1) Automated testing and 2) manual testing.

    A Note About Automated Testing

    Automated testing is very important, however, keep in mind that automated testing alone will not make your website ADA compliant. For example, an automated tool can identify that alternative text exists for an image but cannot determine if the alternative text is appropriate. These items will be flagged by Siteimprove for manual review. In addition, there are other accessibility barriers automated testing can't identify. For that reason, it is equally important to manually test content and functionality of site components and forms.

      Read Webpages Aloud

        Have you ever wanted to listen to a webpage like you can a pdf?  You can do this by downloading a Google Chrome extension that allows text to speech.  There are many extensions that may provide this feature.  You can search the Google Chrome Web Store or choose the direct link to the Read Aloud: A Text to Speech Voice Reader extension provided below.  Please be aware these text to speech readers will provide a quick look to see if a page has a reading order issue.

        Manual Testing - Manual Review Items

        Some barriers identified by Siteimprove require human review to determine if it meets or does not meet ADA success criteria.   The paid Siteimprove Monitoring tool and the Google Chrome Accessibility Checker will always flag these items for review.

        Ether tool enables you to hide the manual review items once they've passed review.

        Common Issues, Errors and Warnings Editors Need to Fix