Common Heading Accessibility Issues - Webpage Title is Missing Text

Webpage title missing text

Issue: The page has no title.

Resolution: The web page needs a title describing the topic of the page. The webpage ‘title’ is added in the page 'head'. The first thing a screen reader encounters when the web page has loaded is the text within the ‘title’. If the title does not describe what is on the page, you are making it very difficult for users who rely on HTML mark up to determine what page they’re on. You could also think of a search engine as a visually impaired user of your site, who may be put off pages on your site if the title does not relate to the content.

  • In the workarea navigate to the smart form missing the title
  • Click the name to view the page or the button to Edit the page
  • Click on the Metadata tab
  • Click the Metadata tab
  • Scroll down to locate the page title section shown below (or run a search CTRL + F)
  • enter page title into text box shown above for the title and click the plus symbol
  • Enter the title in the text field shown above and click the plus symbol
  • Publish content
  • Verify title appears on the webpage in the location shown below
  • Verify browser tab displays title