Image without a Text Alternative

There are multiple issues that can cause this problem. Check below to see if we identify an issue you can see in the smart form you are trying to fix.

    1. No text Entered into the Alternative Text Field

    An image has been placed on the webpage and there is a field to enter Alternative Text, but the field is empty.

      Investigate the Issue:

        Has an image been placed on the webpage and is there a field to enter Alternative Text in, but the field is empty?

          Open the smart form containing the image.  Does it have a blank Alternative Text field similar to the one shown below?

          • image with empty alt text field example

          All decorative images must have an empty text alternative (also known as "alt text"). A decorative image adds no value to the page and doesn't provide any information to the user.  It is there for purely visual reasons. Leave the Alternative Text field blank.

          All non-decorative images must have text alternatives.  Text alternatives are used to describe images to people who are unable to see them. This includes people who use screen readers to access the web. The text alternative should describe the image within the context of the page — letting visitors know what the image means and why it was included. If the image is a link the text alternative should describe where the link will take the user.

            How to Resolve this issue:

              Enter appropriate text in the Alternative Text field.

                For information on how to create appropriate alternative text, click the links below:

                2.Empty Elements

                If you are using a smart form that has a Right Column Links section, a Link / List section or the Bottom Boxes section and they have been left expanded but with no content and no image Siteimprove indicates the image has no alternative text.  The yellow image in the printscreens below indicate where an image would be uploaded.

                  Right Column Links Element, Link / List Elements & Bottom Box Elements

                   Right Column Links Element 300px  Image link list empty element  Bottom Box Element Blank

                    How to Resolve this issue:

                    The image it is talking about is typically either a small round circle or it points to blank space. 

                    image - Empty elements leaving blank bullets on page

                    Close the Right Column, Right Column Links and Bottom Boxes sections when not in use to resolve this issue.  The steps below explain how to remove these components.

                      Open the smart form in the Ektron workarea.  Click on the Options button to at the top left of the component.

                      • empty Image link list element

                      Choose REMOVE from the drop-down menu. Don't worry, if you ever want to use those fields you can click the plus symbol next to the one you want to add it back. These should be removed when not used.

                      • Component Options Menu Drop-Down Menu to REMOVE component