How to Create Headings in Ektron

Creating a Level 1 heading (H1)

In the workarea

  • Edit the smart form missing headings
    • Enter text in the Pag Title field to create a Level 1 Heading (H1)

Creating a Level 2 heading (H2)

For larger pages or where appropriate, add level 2 headings (H2) and Level 3 headings (H3).  You can use multiple level 2 headings (H2) on a page and never use a level 3 heading (H3).  But if you use a level 3 heading (H3), it must be nested under a level 2 heading (H2).

    Various Ektron smart forms have a paragraph Header field.  This automatically creates a level 2 (H2) heading.

    Below is an example of this field in various Page-Program smart forms in Ektron.

    • Below is an example of this field in various smart forms in Ektron

    Creating a Level 2 (H2) or Level 3 (H3) heading

    In the Page-Program smart forms this field can be used for either a Level 2 heading (H2) or a Level 3 (H3) heading by selecting the <h2> or <h3> toggle button.  Note: If you do not select a heading level <h2> or <h3> any text entered in this field will not display on the page.  The system defaults to the NONE setting.

    • Header field with the option of creating a level 2 or level 3 heading using a toggle button

    Creating headings without a paragraph header field

    If the smart form does not contain a Paragraph Header or Header field, use the Paragraph Copy field to create the level heading you want.  You can create Level 1 - Level 6 headings using this method.  Note: we do not recommend using more than the first three heading Levels.

    • Paragraph copy field example

    Enter heading text in the Paragraph Copy field and use the heading drop-down menu to format H1, H2 or H3 headings. Can also apply H4-H6 headings.

    • Headings drop-down menu example