Document Remediation Request

On Demand Document Remediation

The State of Nevada is in the process of making all websites ADA compliant.  We know remediation of all documents in all our websites will take us a while, so we have come up with a way AT consumers can get a compliant document on demand until everything has been successfully remediated.

We are currently finalizing the Document Remediation Request process as we are not sure how many requests we will receive and how long they will typically take to remediate.  We appreciate your patience while you await the document and be assured we will send you the remediated document as soon as possible.

This process is ONLY for people who use assistive technology (i.e., screen readers) and need to be able to have a document remediated so they can be provided equal opportunity.

For Individuals Using Assistive Technology Devices 

Other Requests for Assistance

If you need assistance with physical accommodation or another type of website or digital media accommodation or wish to make a complaint on either subject, please fill out the All Other Requests form below.

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